After Rabbi Danglow, Rabbi Dr Herman was appointed as Chief Minister on 29th September 1959, recommended by Leon Jona and Raymond Ellinson. His appointment was announced by the Acting-President Sir Archie Michaelis, while the Presidenbt Roy Michaelis was in England, along with Rabbi Danglow and Leo Slutzkin.

Along with his appointment, a residence was purchased for Rabbi Herman and his family at 2 Bundalohn Court, St Kilda.
Rabbi Herman resigned on the 15th May 1962 as he was required to return to England, after which Rabbi Lubofsky took over the helm.

Rabbi Herman was serious and dedicated, devoted to traditional Judaism and with a special interest in youth. During his period of service the Sunday school attendance peaked with 160 enrolments, and he founded SKY to coordinate and inspire youth activities in the Synagogue.