St Kilda Hebrew Congregation Library Fund-Inc. (ABN 86 667 505 686)
The Library Fund was established in 2001 to provide education programs, publications and religious books and artifacts.
The Library includes a collection of mainly Jewish religious books and objects but also books about Jewish history, culture, music and literature, education, adult fiction and non fiction as well as children’s books on Jewish themes, both fiction and non-fiction.
It also houses educational materials for the teaching of Hebrew, Jewish history, Jewish culture and religion and music as well as objects and art works of religious significance.

The Library has partnered and shares its catalogue with the Lamm Jewish Family Library (formerly Makor) and thus other community affiliated Libraries. The catalogue can be searched online here.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

Activities of the Library include:

  • The Library houses an impressive and diverse collection of books and memorabilia.
  • The Library is home to one of Australia’s largest collection of Jewish music including vinyl LP’s of chazzanut and ‘Jewish’ related music.
  • Education programs include the weekly Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah programmes which are run during the school year.
  • Further education programs are supported when financially possible as they occur.
  • The weekly Shabbat Shalom published both in print edition and online. Boasting a circulation exceeding 1300 in its electronic format, the newsletter is extremely popular both with our own membership AND the wider Jewish community.
  • The Yom Kippur memorial booklet is a Library Fund Publication for which Principal Sponsors are sought each year to honour the memory of a loved one.

For further information, contact Chairman of the Library Fund Trustees, Mr Frank Tisher OAM (0418 315 716)

The Library Fund trustees are:
Chairman: Mr Frank Tisher OAM
Treasurer: Mr Jeff Degen

  • Mr Julian Black OAM
  • Mrs Luana Felber
  • Rabbi Yaakov Glasman AM
  • Mr Danny Goldsmith
  • Mr Selwyn Greenberg

The St Kilda Hebrew Congregation Library Fund finances our Library and its educational program to:

  • purchase new books and other materials;
  • maintain a catalogue of our books which is linked to the Makor Jewish Library network;
  • lend books to our members and the general public;
  • maintain the library rooms and additional reading/lecture rooms;
  • provide lectures and educational programs associated with our collection to adults and children; and
  • print publications educating out members and the general public about our books and our educational program.

Tax deductible donations to the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation Library Fund can be made at

Library Rules
Members of the public may borrow from the library upon production of appropriate identification.
Two (2) books may be borrowed at any one time Books may be borrowed for a period of four (4) weeks.
No reference books may be removed from the library

Library Open hours 300x225 - LibraryThe Library is open for borrowing at these times:
Mondays-Thursdays 10.00am to 4.00pm
Fridays 10.00am to 11.30am
Lost or damaged books must be paid for at replacement value.

The Library Fund also hosts the annual Henry Shaw Oration
Past orators include

2020 Eddie Jaku: The world’s happiest man
2019 A/Prof Grant Blashki: Hope, Recovery & Staying Mentally Well: the work of Beyond Blue
2018 David Solomon:
2017 Rabbi Dovid Gutnick: Experiences as a chaplain in the Australian Defence Forces
2016 Graham Segal OAM: Gett refusal in civil law
2015 Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum: Fertility, ART and Judaism – the halachic perspective on Assisted Reproductive Technology
2014 Dvir Abramovich: Old poisons in new bottles: The new anti-Semitism and the war against Israel?
2013 Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg AM: The Jill Meagher Case: Was Justice Served?
2012 Avgail Hasofer: From Alabama to Judaism
2011 Rabbi James Kennard: How Diaspora Jewry should view Israel
2010 Sheiny New: Happily Ever After in the Twenty-first Century
2009 Dr Danny Lamm AM: Topic?
2008 Rabbi James Kennard: Why do we need Jewish day schools?
2007 Roy Steinman: The Meaning of Teshuvah in Our Time
2006 Norman Rosenbaum ob”m: Jewish Rights Are Rights! And don’t you forget it!
2005 Rabbi Raymond Apple AO RFD: Carlebach Kumzits
2004 Timmy Rubin OAM: Carlebach Kumzits
2003 Rabbi Aryeh Zvi Goldman: Carlebach Kumzits
Hon Justice Marcus Einfeld AO QC:
2002 Consul General Ben-Matityahu: Does Israel have anything to apologise for regarding its defense against terrorism
2001 Isi Leibler:
2000 Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn OAM, Prof Louis Waller ob”m & Dr Les Sheffield : Improving on Nature: Halachic, Legal, Ethical and Moral issues in Human Reproduction
1999 Rabbi Dr Daniel Sinclair: Judiasm & Democracy in Israeli Law
1998 :
1997 Ayelet Rosen, Jonathan Kolieb, Rabbi Ralph Genende, Andrew Strum, Prof Louis Waller : The Critical Challenges of Jewish Life: are we doing enough or Have we mortgaged the future for the coming generations
1996 Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz ob”m: Can Judaism survive modernity?