Dec 2023 Rabbi Figdor OAM retires from the role of Acting CEO
Nov 2022 Rabbi Figdor OAM appointed Acting CEO upon David Marlow’s retirement
Apr 2022 David Marlow appointed Executive Director upon Rabbi Figdor OAM’s retirement
Mar 2016 Susie Ehrmann donates family chazzanut collection to Library
Mar 2016 Announcement of 20-30 Book Club
Feb 2016 Movie ‘Blue Grace’ shot in the Shule
Jan 2016 Library moves to new room in Shule building
Nov 2015 Annual Bat Mitzvah ceremony celebrates 80 years since first one was held
Nov 2015 Former Executive Director Brian Rudzki passes away
Oct 2015 First annual whisky & herring night
Oct 2015 Childcare Centre permit application receives Council approval
Oct 2015 Dedication of Casper Family foyer on Shmini Atzeret
Aug 2015 Dedication of Shule Boardroom to Honorary solicitors
Jul 2015 Temporary shule set up in Danglow Centre during Shule works
Jun 2015 Shule hosts official ANZAC commemoration service
Jun 2015 Shule hosts second Maccabeats concert
Jun 2015 Shule-organised service to rededicate Springvale General cemetery Metaher House
Jun 2015 Shule hosts conference of Australasian Rabbis
Apr 2015 Corporate branding makeover with new letterhead and email signatures
Apr 2015 Works commence in the Shule to restore the building to its former glory. The year-long works include the installation of heating/air conditioning, repairs to the leaking dome, repainting throughout, a levelling of the sunken foyer tiles and replacement fire escape stairs
Mar 2015 Shule holds second “From Bimah to Broadway” concert
Mar 2015 Shule hosts JCCV politicians familiarisation day
Jan 2015 Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple unveils plaque in honour of Rabbi Dr Simon Herman
Dec 2014 Gad Elbaz performs a live concert in the Shule
Nov 2014 Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis occupies the pulpit
Oct 2014 Shule joins in first Shabbat Project in Melbourne
Oct 2014 Adrian Bartak OAM celebrates 40 years as the Shule’s choirmaster
Sep 2014 Combined Shule first night selichot held at Caulfield Shule
Aug 2014 Shule receives defibrillator as part of Hatzolah Start the Heart programme
Jul 2014 Commencement of monthly hot cholent sit-down kiddushim
Feb 2014 Friday Night Revive with live band
Nov 2013 Shule holds “From Bimah to Broadway” concert
Oct 2013 Shule trials Friday Night Revive service
Sep 2013 Combined Shule first night selichot held at St Kilda Shule
Aug 2013 Special Board meeting with Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Jul 2013 Rabbi Nagel commences fortnightly Talmud shiur
Jun 2013 Kabbalat Shabbat with choir in Montefiore Homes
Jun 2013 Adele Southwick Centre of Samuel Meyers Hall closes for renovations including new carpets, paintwork, drapes and new heating/air conditioning
May 2013 Shirley Danglow passes away
May 2013 Brunch with Richard Bernstein Esq.
Apr 2013 Trivia Night success to become annual event
Feb 2013 Shule hosts Gymbaroo 3 times a week during school terms
Nov 25 2012 Shule hosts Maccabeats for Shabbaton and 1000-strong concert
Sep 2012 Chazzan Brett Kaye becomes the Chazzan commencing Rosh Hashanah
Sep 2012 StKHC and Caulfield Shule combine in Caulfield Shule for 1st night Selichot
Sep 5 2012 Congregation launches Pillars of St Kilda Hebrew Congregation: Celebrating our history & families
Aug 27 2012 Mr John P Slutzkin appointed Life Member of the Congregation
May 2012 Gravesite service on 50th Anniversary of Rabbi Danglow’s passing
Apr 2012 Commence weekly Kiddush volunteer roster
Apr 2012 Sale of Chametz form goes online
Jan 16 2012 Rabbi Ronnie Figdor OAM appointed CEO
Jan 11 2012 Congregation holds Shloshim memorial service for Sir Zelman Cowen AK GCMG GCVO QC PC
Oct 11 2011 Joined Facebook
Jul 31 2011 Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn OAM retires as Chief Minister of the Congregation
May 4 2011 Rabbi Yaakov Glasman AM appointed Chief Minister of the Congregation
Aug 10 2010 Rabbi Ben-Zion Hain retires as Ba’al Koreh of the Congregation
May 8 2010 Mr Brian Rudzki retires as Executive Director
Aug 29 2009 Mrs. Carmel Bridgeman appointed Life Member of the Congregation
Jun 21 2009 Sefer Torah donated to the Congregation by the family of the late Wolf & Minnie Brown in their memory
Aug 30 2008 Rabbi Ben-Zion Hain replaces Mr David Havin as Ba’al Koreh of the Congregation
Aug 25 2008 Mr Michael Oberman elected Life Member of the Congregation
Aug 27 2007 Mr Bernard Green elected Life Member of the Congregation
Mr Geoffrey Rose elected Life Governor of the Congregation
May 8 2007 Mr Brian Rudzki appointed Executive Director
Dec 10 2006 Sefer Torah donated to the Congregation by the Dr & Mrs Morris Ritz and family in memory of their deceased relatives
Aug 21 2006 Mr Arnold Erlanger AM elected Life Member of the Congregation
Mr Michael Cohen elected Life Governor of the Congregation
Aug 28 2005 Mr David Hampel elected Life Governor of the Congregation
Aug 5 2002 Mr Herschel Davis elected Life Member of the Congregation
Aug 11 2001 Special Synagogue service celebrating the Shule’s 130th Anniversary
Mar 31 2001 Ms Debby Getreu resigned as Executive Director
Jan 1 2001 Synagogue Building listed on Historic Building Register
Apr 21 2000 Emeritus Minister Rabbi Ronald Lubofsky passed away
Sep 14 2000 Expanded Adele Southwick Function Centre opened
Sep 4 2000 Mrs Gertie Bartak elected Life Member of the Congregation
Oct 10 1999 Official launch of the St.K.H.C. Web Page
Sep 6 1999 Mr Noel Levin elected Life Governor of the Congregation
May 1 1999 Ms Debby Getreu appointed Executive Director
Feb 15 1999 Mrs Barbara Cohen resigned as Executive Director
Nov 16 1998 Renovated Danglow Centre offices opened
Sep 7 1998 Mrs Suzie Brown elected Life Member of the Congregation
May 24 1997 125th Anniversary Dinner held
Apr 1997 Mrs Barbara Cohen appointed Executive Director
Mar 1997 Mrs Stephanie Joseph resigned
Nov 1996 Mr Hillel Nagel appointed Assistant to the Chief Minister
Apr 1996 Rev Harry Gluck resigned
Aug 1995 Mrs Stephanie Joseph appointed Executive Director
Aug 23 1994 Mr Harold Nathan BEM elected Life Member of the Congregation
Feb 1994 Mr David Havin replaces Mr David Lindell as Ba’al Koreh
Mar 1992 Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks occupied the Pulpit
July 1991 Celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Congregation
Aug 30 1989 Mr Peter Slutzkin elected Life Member of the Congregation
May 1 1989 Rev Harry Gluck appointed Assistant Minister
May 15 1988 Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn OAM inducted as Chief Minister
Apr 1988 Rabbi Ronald Lubofsky retired after 25 years’ service
Nov 20 1984 Opening of Refurbished Centre in Honour of Adele Southwick in the Samuel Myers Hall
Nov 20 1984 Service for 150th Anniversary of Victoria
Oct 1984 First performance of the Synagogue’s all-Male Choir
Sep 1 1984 Rev Edward Belfer inducted as Assistant Minister
Aug 25 1984 Rev Stephen Link resigned after 14 years’ service
Feb 11 1983 1st Shabbat Evening Service conducted at the Montefiore Homes
May 29 1982 Gov. Gen. Sir Zelman Cowan addressed Congregation
1981 Mr Maurice Saunders appointed Executive Director
1978 Rev Ephraim Kowadlow passed away
June 7 1977 Shule hosts thanksgiving service to commemorate the silver jubilee anniversary of the accession to the throne of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
1976 Miss Hettie Feuerman passed away
May 1975 Ladies admitted as voting Members
Apr 1975 Mr Adrian Bartak OAM appointed Choirmaster
Apr 1975 Mr Leo Slutzkin retired as Choirmaster after 24 years’ service
Jun 1974 Rev Ephraim Kowadlow awarded MBE
Mar 13 1971 Synagogue Centenary Thanksgiving Service held
May 10 1970 War Memorial Annexe (Danglow Centre) opened
Oct 31 1970 Rev Stephen Link inducted as Assistant Minister
Oct 1969 Rev Ephraim Kowadlow retired after 37 years’ service
Feb 1969 Mrs H Grose appointed Secretary
Feb 1967 Mr Herschel Davis appointed School Headmaster
Sep 1966 ‘The Chronicle’ established by Mr Joe Sackville
Sep 1965 Sephardi pronunciation introduced into Services
Mar 1964 Mrs Y Furst appointed Secretary
Sep 1 1963 Miss Vera Lazar retired after 21 years as Secretary
Mar 27 1963 Rabbi Ronald Lubofsky inducted as Chief Minister
Nov 17 1962 Rabbi Dr Simon Herman delivered his final Sermon
May 29 1962 Rabbi Jacob Danglow passed away aged 82
Apr 1961 Mr Peter Cohen 1st President of Synagogue Youth Group
1959-1960 Peak of Sunday School – 160 enrolments
Nov 1959 Rev Phillip Berliner passed away
Sep 29 1959 Rabbi Dr Simon Herman inducted as Chief Minister
Sep 6 1958 Extended Ladies Gallery opened
Aug 1957 Choir Gallery renovated
Jul 1 1957 Rabbi Jacob Danglow retired after 51 years’ service due to continuing throat problems
Sep 1 1955 Celebration of Golden Jubilee of service of Rabbi Danglow
Apr 25 1952 Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie occupied the Pulpit
Feb 1952 Mr Leo Slutzkin appointed Hon. Choirmaster
Jan 1 1951 Mr Archie Michaelis received Knighthood
Mar 1950 Dr P. Arndt appointed Choir Conductor
Feb 1950 Rev Berthold Wreschner appointed School Principal
Jun 1950 Rabbi Jacob Danglow awarded OBE
Apr 1949 Rabbi Jacob Danglow married Dinah Rosen
Sep 3 1948 Mrs May Danglow (Rabbi’s Wife) passed away
1944 Mr Frenkel appointed Choir Conductor
1943 Brass Pulpit from old Synagogue presented to Adelaide Hebrew Congregation
Nov 1943 Rev Phillip Berliner appointed Second Reader
Apr 1943 Miss Vera Lazar appointed Secretary
Mar 1943 Mr Joel Fredman passed away
Oct 30 1940 Mr Joel Fredman retired as Secretary after 53 years’ service
Jun 1940 Miss Vera Lazar appointed Assistant Secretary
May 25 1940 Samuel Meyers Hall opened
1939 Mr Athol Harlem appointed acting Conductor during Mr Slutzkin’s war service
1937 Mr Leo Slutzkin appointed Choir Conductor
Shavuot 1935 First Bat Mitzvah Service
Jun 5 1934 Rev Jacob Danglow accorded title of `Rabbi’ on occasion of 25th Wedding Anniversary
Dec 18 1933 Rev Falk passed away
Jul 1933 Mr Joel Fredman retired as Choirmaster
13 Mar 1927 New Shule building consecrated
Nov 1932 Rev Ephraim Kowadlow appointed
Sep 20 1921 Rev Jacob Danglow published History of the Congregation for 50th year Anniversary
Apr 2 1921 Chief Rabbi, Dr Hertz, delivered sermon
Dec 12 1920 First World War Honour Roll unveiled by Sir John Monash
Oct 1915 Rev Falk engaged as 2nd Reader
Aug 1915 Mr Feuerman passed away after 21 years’ service
1910 Mr Phillip Blashki 1st President of Chevra Kadisha Society
Nov 18 1909 Rev Jacob Danglow married Miss May Baruch; Grand-daughter of Mr Moritz Michaelis
Sep 24 1905 Miss Feuerman engaged as Assistant Teacher
Sep 20 1905 Rev Jacob Danglow inducted as Chief Minister
1905 Ladies introduced into the Choir, which now numbered 22
Apr 21 1904 Rev Elias Blaubaum passed away aged 54
Dec 1896 New Schoolrooms opened
Jun 18 1895 The St Kilda Hebrew School performs its fourth concert (p1, 2 and article)
Mar 1894 Mr Abraham Feuerman appointed 2nd Reader & Collector
Apr 18 1893 The St Kilda Hebrew School performs its third concert (p1 and p2)
Sep 1892 Mrs Blaubaum passed away
Mar 1887 Mr D. Ornstein appointed Shammas & Collector
Jun 1888 Mr Joel Fredman appointed Secretary, 2nd Reader and Choirmaster
Mar 1886 Mr J. Friedlander appointed Secretary & Asst Reader
Feb 1886 Mr D. Ornstein appointed Shammas & Collector
Aug 1883 Ladies Gallery of Synagogue Enlarged
May 1888 Mr E. Dyte appointed Shammas
Sep 4 1873 Rev Elias Blaubaum appointed Reader & Teacher
Jan 19 1873 First AGM – Mr Moritz Michaelis re-elected as President
Sep 29 1872 Synagogue Consecrated & School established
Jul 1 1872 Synagogue Foundation Stone laid at Charnwood Road
Sep 15 1871 First services for Rosh Hashanah held in St Kilda Town Hall
Mr Moritz Michaeli elected President
Sep 3 1871 First meeting of Members of St Kilda Hebrew Congregation
Sep 12 1869 Meeting held to discuss establishment of a new Congregation in the St Kilda area.