Because the Shule is both close to the city and the St Kilda tourist hot spot, the Shule is a popular place for tourists to visit. We welcome visitors to the Shule on a daily basis. The Jewish Museum of Australia,opposite the Shule runs daily tours of the Shule on all days except for Shabbat and Festivals. Contact the Jewish Museum on +61 (3) 8534 3600 for information about Shule tour times.
A private tour company, Localing,provides tours of Jewish Melbourne tours, that include a St Kilda Shule tour, upon request.
Persons turning up directly to the Shule gate are welcome BUT we have limited capacity to show people around subject to availability of our Rabbi or ED. People will also be asked to provide photo ID at the gate and may be declined entry if no one is available to show the visitor around or the person’s ID requires further checking that cannot be undertaken on the spot. Those wishing to visit the Shule solely without the Jewish Museum are advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment by contacting the Shule’s ED on exec@stkildashule.org and enclosing a copy of a photo ID (typically, passport or Driver’s License).

Attending Religious Services
It is common for tourists to wish to attend our Friday night or Shabbat morning services. As we have security on the gate throughout these services, unknown persons will be challenged and may not be allowed in. To avoid embarrassment, please complete the security clearance form available here. Remember, that these checks can take up to a week to run past Australia’s security agencies.

Shabbat/Yom Tov Meals
Where possible, we would love to host you for Shabbat/Yom Tov meals as a guest of our Rabbis. Note, that our Rabbis walk to and from Shule and live some 25-35 minutes’ walk away from the Shule. Melbourne Jewry, generally, has a fantastic reputation for its warmth and being welcoming to visitors. The community has a website at which visitors can register their interest in being hosted for Shabbat meals. Go to www.bit.ly/shabbatmelbourne.
Kosher Food is easy in Melbourne. For comprehensive information about keeping Kosher in Melbourne, visit the Kosher Australia website.

Getting to the Shule
The Shule is just 2 minutes walk from the tram stop 32 on St Kilda Rd (Routes 3 or 67). It is also just 15-20 minutes walk from the Kosher shops in Carlisle Street, Balaclava (alternatively, take a tram from stop 32 using Routes 3 or 67 to Carlisle Street).