James’ special Bar Mitzvah, virtually
During last Sunday’s Bar Mitzvah class, James Dgen shared his online Bar Mitzvah experience during stage 4 lockdown. It was great for the boys to hear about James’ virtual Simcha, especially those celebrating their Bar Mitzvah over the coming weeks.
James explained how he pre-recorded his Bar Mitzvah Parasha in Shule, sharing it on Zoom with family and friends. He also spoke about his Parasha, Vaetchanan, and thanked his parents and family, as well as Rabbis Glasman AM and Nagel for their meaningful Bar Mitzvah classes.
Rabbi Nagel noted there are more than 30 boys in the program this year. “A lot of Bar Mitzvahs are coming up over the next 12 months, so we hope to be back in Shule soon,” he said.
Mazel Tov to James and his family.

BM - Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah
James Degen (centre) describes his online Bar Mitzvah to Rabbi Nagel
and classmates last Sunday.

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Rabbis Glasman AM and Nagel and Tali Koth offer a diverse range of subjects to engage and motivate their Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah program participants respectively. Last Sunday, they ‘literally’ whet the boys’ and girls’ appetites at the Shule’s annual ‘Pizza and Parchment’ event, this year on Zoom, where participants learn about Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzah prior to Shavuot with a demonstration by Rabbi Eli Gutnick, Melbourne’s Sofer (Scribe). Usually, the event ends with a feast of vegetarian pizza, but due to present restrictions, instead, each participant received a gift voucher from Oneg Delicacies (donated by Simon and Christina Edelstein), to enjoy the snack at their leisure, when of course they would recite the ‘borei minei mezonot’ blessing.
Yoni Ginsberg enjoys a slice of pizza

Bat Mitzvah girls and Bar Mitzvah boys on Zoom for the Shule’s traditional
‘Pizza and Parchment’
event last Sunday

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The ‘virtual’ smell of fresh challah

Bat Mitzvah program coordinator Tali Koth is being super creative during lockdown. Last Sunday she ran a virtual challah bake with mothers, daughters and sisters and it was huge success. ‘We discussed why we tear a piece of challah off the loaf to make the brachah; that this action is one of the three mitzvot a woman can fulfil; and how it’s an auspicious time for women to daven for whatever they want or need or just simply to say thank you to G-d,’ Tali said.

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